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PIerre Cardin Franchise | Franchise Pierre Cardin

PIerre Cardin Franchise | Franchise Pierre Cardin

PIerre Cardin Franchise | Franchise Pierre Cardin
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Pierre Cardin Franchise Business Consultancy in Vietnam 2017. International Fashion Depot (IFD) officially commences commercial franchising of Pierre Cardin – Shoes; Cosmetics; Fashion kid at Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar. Franchising – optimum choice in tough economic times.
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Franchise is a commercial activity whereby the franchisor permits and requires the franchisees to conduct the purchase and sale of goods or services on their own according to the following conditions:

1. The purchase and sale of goods and services shall be conducted in the manner of business organization prescribed by the franchisor and attached to the trademark, trade name, trade secret, business slogan, business status, advertising of the franchise.

2. The franchisor has the right to control and assist the franchisee in running the business. “(Article 284 of the Vietnam Trade Law, 2005)

Franchising – franchise is considered one of the most successful business forms in the modern market economy. According to statistics, 90% of franchise businesses in 110 countries are profitable in spite of economic fluctuations. In Vietnam, “the franchise market is primitive, but with its strengths: political stability, strong economic growth, large population, is in the period of integration and opening up to the world market. The franchise in Vietnam has great potential, “said Albert Kong, president of Asiawide Franchise.

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In the context of economic fluctuations with many risks, when most sectors of investment such as securities and real estate have difficulty and stagnation, the food service industry has always been steadily growing. sure. In particular, economists have identified franchise – franchise as the safest and most optimal way to invest, as brand buyers can skip the start-up phase, inheriting “reputation” The availability of the brand and the maximum support for the business model, effective marketing activities for the brand.

Opportunity to invest solidly with IFD

International Fashion Depot (IFD) is the company that owns Pierre Cardin brand in the fields of footwear, children’s fashion, cosmetics in Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia,Myanmar. IFD officially decided to franchise the Pierre Cardin brand nationwide.

All IFD products are based on the strict line and strict standards of Pierre Cardin, so the quality of our products is closely monitored. Fashion shoes with new models, meet the trend of fashion in the country and internationally.

What is “known” when franchising Pierre Cardin

The brand has been in existence for over 60 years nationwide. With the powerful influence of fashion Pierre Cardin Paris is gradually becoming a trend for many countries, not except Vietnam.

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When deciding to invest with Pierre Cardin, you completely avoid the risks of the start-up phase. As soon as you receive the brand is also the moment you immediately own a name that has a reputation, strength and a firm foothold in the market. Besides, you also get full support advice on the business model, know-how, fashion trend, …

  Nhượng quyền thương hiệu thời trang Pierre Cardin và những điều cần biết


Pierre Cardin cosmetics

Joining the Pierre Cardin system, you will benefit from the professional marketing campaigns of the Pierre Cardin chain. Pierre Cardin pays for advertising and marketing campaigns that work well for all chains.

Especially, we are committed to continued support to ensure the best performance for our affiliated stores. Through our support, training, training and close cooperation, we are eager to provide our investors with solid, sustainable financial growth opportunities.


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